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Extension Services

The Directorate of Fisheries Resources Offers education, training, and technical assistance to fisherfolk and stakeholders on best practices in fishing, aquaculture, and resource management. Below are some of the activities carried out, together with our partners.

Previous Extension Service Activities:

- Training Workshops for Fisherfolk: Conducted in collaboration with:

  • Local fisheries associations
  • Community-based organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) specializing in community development

- Demonstration Farms: Established with assistance from:

  • Research institutions such as NaFIRRI and NARO
  • Local aquaculture experts and farmers

- Public Awareness Campaigns: Implemented in partnership with:

  • Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
  • Media outlets (radio, television, newspapers)

- Distribution of Informational Materials: Carried out with support from:

  • Printing and publishing companies
  • Donor-funded projects focusing on education and outreach

- On-Site Technical Assistance: Provided by:

  • Fisheries officers from the Directorate of Fisheries Resources
  • Extension workers trained in fisheries management and aquaculture practices

Current Extension Service Activities:

- Mobile Extension Units: Deployed in collaboration with:

  • Local government authorities
  • Agricultural extension services departments

- Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs): Utilized in partnership with:

- Community Training Centers: Established with support from:

  • NGOs specializing in rural development
  • Private sector companies investing in community development projects

- Market Access Workshops: Organized in collaboration with:

  • Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives
  • Marketing boards and cooperatives

- Peer-to-Peer Learning Networks: Facilitated by:

  • Local fisheries associations and cooperatives
  • Community-based organizations promoting knowledge sharing

Future Extension Service Activities:

- Integration of Climate-Smart Practices: Collaborating with:

  • Climate change adaptation programs
  • Environmental NGOs focusing on sustainable agriculture and fisheries

- Gender-Responsive Extension Services: In partnership with:

  • Women's empowerment organizations
  • Gender-focused development projects

- Youth Engagement Programs: Supported by:

  • Youth-oriented NGOs and clubs
  • Vocational training centers offering courses in fisheries and aquaculture

- Extension Service Hotlines: Established with assistance from:

  • Telecommunication companies providing hotline services
  • Trained fisheries officers and extension workers

- Inclusive and Participatory Extension Approaches: Adopting strategies involving:

  • Community leaders and elders
  • Indigenous knowledge holders and traditional authorities

These extension service activities, spanning past, present, and future endeavors, are aimed at disseminating knowledge, building capacity, and empowering stakeholders in the fisheries sector in Uganda. Collaboration with various agencies, partners, and organizations ensures the effectiveness and sustainability of these extension efforts.