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About Us & Functions

About Us & Functions

Our Mandate

To Support, Promote, Guide and Regulate the fisheries sub-sector, so as to improve quality and increase the quantity of fish and fishery products produced for domestic consumption, food security and export.


To support sustainable, market-oriented fish production, management, development, control quality and safety of fisheries products; for improved food security and household income.

Key Functions

  • Provide technical guidance for formulation and implementation of policies, plans and strategies in fish production, marketing, inspection and certification.
  • Supporting, supervising and monitoring of fisheries and fishery products;
  • Sustain market oriented fish production from capture fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Fish quality assurance and inspection for quality and safety
  • Fisheries Control and regulation
  • Support and promote aquaculture production and management

Key Outputs

  • Technical guidance for formulation, review and implementation of policies, legislation, standards, plans and strategies in the areas of fisheries production, fish capture, regulation and control provided.
  • National programs and projects in the sub sector monitored, inspected, evaluated, and harmonized.
  • Resources for the sub sector advocated for and mobilized.
  • Human and institutional capacity for delivery of services in the sub sector built.
  • Collaborative mechanisms with national, regional, and international institutions and organizations on issues pertaining to the sub sector including management of trans boundary resources developed and promoted.
  • Guidance on the generation, dissemination and application of appropriate technologies and the provision of advisory services for the development of value chains in the sub sector provided.


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