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The Directorate of Fisheries Resources and Managed received grants from different players, for specific areas of intervention.  Below are some of the Granters and the respective projects implemented.

1.    GIZ Responsible Fisheries Business Chain Project

       Area of Intervention:  (i)   More Fish More Income.  This was implemented through Business Development Services 

                                              (Ii)  Sustainable Fish  - Fish Breeding Areas 

2.    Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP):

       Area of Intervention:  (i)   Controlling Aquatic Weeds                                        

3.    Uganda Multi-Sectoral Food Security and Nutrition Project:

       Area of Intervention:  (i)    Promoromoting sustainable fish farming practices and enhancing fisheries management.

4.    Aquaculture Development Project (ADP)

        Area of Intervention:  Promoting the development of aquaculture in Uganda.

5.    Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Project (FADP): 

        Area of Intervention:  Enhance fisheries and aquaculture production in Uganda.                             

6.    Fisheries Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance (MCS) Project: 

        Area of Intervention:   Enhancing the monitoring, control, and surveillance of fisheries activities in Uganda's waters.

7.    Fisheries Licensing and Non-Tax Revenue Enhancement Project: 

        Area of Intervention:    Improve the efficiency and transparency of fisheries licensing processes in Uganda. 

8.    Fish Trade and Marketing Project: 

        Area of Intervention:   Promoting the development of fish trade and marketing networks in Uganda.