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Fisheries Infrastructure Development

The Directorate of Fisheries Resources Plans and implements projects to develop infrastructure such as landing sites, cold storage facilities, and processing plants to support the fishing industry.

Below are some of our Fisheries Infrastructure Development activities, spanning previous, current, and future initiatives, along with the involved agencies, partners, and organizations: Previous Fisheries Infrastructure Development Activities: - Construction and Rehabilitation of Landing Sites: Undertaken in collaboration with:

  • Ministry of Works and Transport
  • Local government authorities
  • Donor agencies providing funding support

- Establishment of Fish Handling and Processing Facilities: Implemented with assistance from:

  • Private sector investors in fish processing
  • Development banks providing loans/grants

- Cold Storage and Refrigeration Facilities Installation: Carried out with support from:

  • Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives
  • Refrigeration equipment suppliers

- Improvement of Fish Market Infrastructure: Collaborated with:

  • Local municipalities and city councils
  • Urban development agencies

- Installation of Fish Processing Equipment: Supported by:

  • International development agencies
  • Equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Current Fisheries Infrastructure Development Activities:

- Expansion and Upgrading of Landing Sites: Partnering with;

  • Civil engineering firm
  • Environmental impact assessment consultants

- Introduction of Solar-Powered Cold Storage Units: In collaboration with:

  • Renewable energy companies
  • Solar equipment manufacturers

- Modernization of Fish Processing Facilities: Supported by:

  • Private sector investors in modernization projects
  • International development banks providing loans

- Construction of Fish Auction Centers: Carried out with assistance from:

  • Local government authorities
  • Agricultural marketing boards

- Installation of Fish Value-Adding Equipment: Collaborating with:

  • Food processing technology companies
  • Research institutions developing value-adding techniques

Future Fisheries Infrastructure Development Activities:

- Development of Fish Transportation Infrastructure: In partnership with:

  • Ministry of Transport and Logistics
  • Logistics and transportation companies

- Establishment of Fish Quality Control Laboratories: Supported by:

  • Ministry of Health
  • International food safety standards organizations

- Creation of Fish Export Processing Zones: Collaborating with:

  • Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives
  • Export processing zone authorities

- Introduction of Mobile Fish Market Units: Partnering with:

  • Mobile unit manufacturers
  • Local government authorities for licensing and regulation

- Construction of Community Fish Processing Centers: Carried out with assistance from:

  • Community development organizations
  • Microfinance institutions providing funding support

These activities, spanning past, present, and future endeavors, are aimed at enhancing the infrastructure supporting the fisheries sector in Uganda, thereby improving efficiency, quality, and value addition along the fish value chain. Collaboration with various stakeholders ensures the successful implementation and sustainability of these infrastructure development projects.