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Acts & Laws
Name Date Action Description
2011 _ The Fish (Amendment) Act, 61 24-05-2024 Download

An Act to amend the Fish Act Cap. 197 to provide for the retention by DFR, of fees received from the issue of licences and permits ;  To require the CFO to establish and maintain a register of all persons issued with licences; To require a certificate of vessel ownership and a fishing vessel identification plate to be displayed on every licensed fishing vessel; and for related matters.ceived from the issue of licenses and permits.

The Fish Act 71 24-05-2024 Download

Any person who in the waters of Uganda captures, kills or injures any fish by means of any prohibited net or of any prohibited method or in any prohibited place in relation to the fish commits an offence against this Act.

All people already involved in fisheries activities shall be registered. Fresh registration is done once in every two years. Registered persons are not allowed to fish without valid licenses. Identification documents required include National Identification Cards for Nationals and passport for non-Ugandans.

2022 _ The Fisheries And Aquaculture Act 86 24-05-2024 Download

The purposes of this Act are:

  • To provide for the control and regulation of all fisheries and aquaculture production activities and practices in an integrated manner to achieve conservation and sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits for the present and future generations, 
  • To provide for the administration, management and coordination of fisheries and aquaculture with local governments and other stakeholders at all levels, 
  • To create a sustainably financed Directorate for the management of the fisheries subsector with clearly defined structures and linkages between the mandates of central and local governments and the private sector; 
  • To promote and guide public participation in the management and conservation of fisheries resources, including women, youth and other vulnerable groups, 
  • To promote the competitiveness of the fisheries and aquaculture subsector and the diversification of fish and fish products, 
  • To promote and guide public private partnerships in fish production, value addition and marketing, 
  • To guarantee quality and safety of fish and fish products, including biosafety and biosecurity, 
  • To promote research-based decision making and sharing of information and data, and 
  • To provide for the mechanization of fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic weed management
Vessels (Registration) Act 1904 (Chpt 362) 83 24-05-2024 Download N/A
2020 _ Fisheries and Aquaculture Bill 43 24-05-2024 Download

Suppliment No. 16, Bill No. 29. Memorundum